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Conservation International

Dear Friend,

We here at Conservation International (CI) love Shark Week. We bet many of you do, too.

Did you know:

  • People kill 73 million sharks per year — compared to the 10 people killed yearly by sharks. 
  • Many species of sharks around the world are endangered.
  • As “apex predators” at the top of the food chain, sharks help regulate the marine ecosystems that feed us, give us medicines, and stabilize our climate.

Conservation International

Protecting sharks is in everyone’s interest. For one thing, hundreds of millions of people depend on the oceans for food, and sharks help keep that food supply intact. Economic studies from around the world have proven that live sharks are worth far more to a wider range of beneficiaries than dead sharks.

Thanks to some of CI’s innovative programs and partnerships:

  • Local people in Indonesia are seeing their livelihoods improved because they’re paid to save sharks and their prey.
  • Governments are banning both shark fishing and the practice of shark finning, in which sharks have their fins cut off (to make soup) and are thrown back into the water to die.
  • Scientists are studying the travel patterns of sharks to figure out how best to protect them.

With your continued support of CI, sharks are being helped around the world.

Happy Shark Week!


P.S. Each link in this email will take you to a different, and relevant CI blog about Shark Week from an expert. Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment.

Photos: © Rod Mast; © Gerald Allen

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