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Conservation International (CI) partners with Kenya’s Reteti Elephant Sanctuary — the first community-owned elephant sanctuary in East Africa — to provide a safe place for injured elephants to heal and a home for orphaned elephants affected by poaching and the ivory trade.


Reteti focuses on rescue and return, with the goal of reuniting baby elephants with their mothers within 48 hours. CI's partnership with Reteti is part of our broader work in Africa to sustain nature and livelihoods.


By sharing Reteti’s story and lessons broadly, CI is helping scale its community-centered model, creating bigger, lasting impacts. In addition, our partnership allows the Reteti team to focus on what they do best — protecting elephants — while CI provides critical operational support that is far more effective and efficient than building it themselves.


Your support will help these iconic animals and the communities that care for them — will you join us?

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