Protect the future of coffee


Right now, the future of coffee is uncertain.

Rising temperatures, drought and changing weather patterns caused by climate change are making many key coffee-growing areas less suitable for coffee production.

We drink about 600 billion cups of coffee every year, and 120 million people rely on coffee to sustain their livelihoods and support their families.

One morning without coffee can be challenging enough. But do you really want to imagine a whole world without coffee?

The only way we can ensure its future is by growing the world’s coffee in a sustainable way — protecting our forests and our farmers.

Pledge your support for sustainable coffee by taking the following steps:

- Add heaping helpings of action: I will buy coffee beans from brands committed to the Sustainable Coffee Challenge that urges the coffee sector and conservation partners from across the industry to make coffee the world's first completely sustainable agriculture product. Or I will ask my favorite roaster to join the Challenge.

- Sweeten with support: I support CI's work with farmers to increase coffee productivity, maintain quality, and establish safeguards for forest conservation.

- Filter the bad, keep the good: I will spread the word that nature (including coffee trees) can provide at least 30% of the solution to climate change.

- Brew with passion: Together, we can meet the future demands of coffee, but that means taking action to stop deforesting our critical areas. I believe that we, as people, benefit when we protect the coffee we all need to thrive.

I need sustainable coffee

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